At Twinkling Stars Place we provide a developmental approach to learning in a secure, stimulating environment. Our daily programs provide a range of experiences that allow each child to learn, grow, and thrive at his/her own pace. 

Limited space available for 
Fall 2019.
Call or email us to make an appointment for a tour to learn about our unique, creative programs for your preschooler! 

Our programs are designed to:

*Build Fine and Gross Motor Skills*
              *Promote Cognitive Development*
                 *Foster Self-confidence* 
           *Promote Social/Emotional Development*
             *Prepare Children for Kindergarten*
We work with local elementary school kindergarten teachers to create an age appropriate curriculum. Click on "About Our Program" to learn more. 

  We believe 
go hand in hand! 

Our programs offer an
equal balance of structure and play, allowing each child to grow and learn at his/her own pace.
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